March 29, 2019

Do your students create digital work? Maybe slideshows, blog posts, documents? I’m guessing they do.

Do your students add images to their digital work? I’m sure they do. Images can really jazz things up!

Where do they find those images?

Is this a dilemma for you and your students? You’re not alone!

This post goes through how to use a really helpful tool for finding free images called Photos For Class. I like it because under 13s can use it and they don’t need to know about attribution.

Note: I am not affiliated with Photos For Class in any way!

Before we look at Photos For Class, let’s recap the options for finding images for digital work…

Step Away From Google Images…

Students often seem to figure out at a young age how easy it is to go to Google Images, copy or save the image they like, add it to their work, and voila! Job done.

Unfortunately, some teachers even teach and encourage this process. Oh dear.

This approach is not only illegal a lot of the time but it’s unethical and sets students up with bad habits.

Teaching students to understand Creative Commons licenses and then to source, use, and attribute those Creative Commons images is definitely a worthwhile task. However, it requires a certain investment in time to develop the students’ understandings.

So if you’re looking for a shortcut, let’s avoid Google Images and look at other options.

What Are The Options For Free Images?

As I explained in my Simple Guide To Free Images, Copyright, And Creative Commons For Students And Teachers, there are places online where you can find free images!

There are images you and your students can use that are:

  • Good quality
  • Relevant
  • Easy to find
  • Easy to use (some don’t even require attribution)
  • Suitable for different age groups

To read about all the options on my comparison table of different sites, check out the post.

Or, if you want to learn more about free images, copyright, and Creative Commons (in plain English!), I have a free eBook for you. Grab it here. 

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